Animation SPAIN - film festivals, screenings, presentations:    
November 2012 IFF Bratislava - International Film Festival, Bratislava /Slovakia/
11-17 June 2012 Golden Kuker - International Animation Film Festival, Sofia /Bulgaria/
22-25 March 2012

Cartoons On The Bay - Int. TV and Cross-Media Animation Festival, Rapallo /Italy/

March - April 2012

Febiofest 2012 - International Film, Television & Video Festival /Slovakia/

14 December 2011

Beatnik TV - winter animation screening, Salford University, Manchester /UK/

8-11 December 2011

Festival Internacional Flamenco de Cortometrajes, Madrid /Spain/

1-5 December 2011

8. Festival Internacional de Cine/Corto,Tapiales /Argentina/

December 2011

Animacam 2011 - International Festival of Animation Online

  animation Spain on ARTE Creative TV
26 September 2011

screening of our animation Spain at Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris /France/

23 July 2011 animation Spain is done. First presentation in artistic residency Nau Côclea, Camallera /Spain/








In visual part is used classical hand made animation - drawing on paper, paint on special surface, stop motion..
Audio part is made from original sounds, that we recorded or made up, and music is also composed originally only for this animation. Final parts are edited and finished in computer.


SPAIN /2011 - 3'32"/

Motives inspired by different places in Spain, transformed to the cumulation of “flashes”. The autors personified themselves in dogs characters, which is one line in the story-non story… But moreless it is a kind of daydreaming on the road…